Saturday, February 11, 2012

Orange Cream Jello Shots

So my fabulous friend Sam sent me a link for an Orange Cream jello shot recipe.  As with food recipes...I am getting a pretty good eye for what works and what's gotta go at first glance.  That recipe had some major issues...but boy was it thanks Sam!  This one's for you!

This recipe is not my strongest jello shot proof wise, but it is definitely the best tasting one yet....

1 package sugar free orange Jello
1 cup boiling water
2/3 cup Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka
1/3 cup Weinhard's Vanilla Cream soda
a splash of Triple Sec

Enjoy...these are ridiculously tasty!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tropical Thunder - best jello shot recipe to date!!

Okay my friends...I hope you have been enjoying my new jello shot obsession as much as I have.  Today, if I do say so myself, I nailed it!!!

I call this Tropical Thunder, because it is as awesome as that movie was lol!

Pineapple Jello
99 Bananas Schnapps
90 proof coconut rum

Due to the high proofage on the liquor... I did cut back the liquor to 2/3 cups and added 1/3 cup extra water...but I will tell you what...after tasting these...I will be giving it a shot with the usual ratio next time!

Remember the drill..make jello as directed using one cup hot water...then replace the cup of cold water with the booze...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Here is a great recipe for all the dieters out there.  Crazy delicious and right around 250 calories!

For prep, bake and dice up some chicken and make a sauce with the light sour cream and buffalo sauce -- watch your heat level!!

Take a Flat Out Wrap and spread a wedge of Laughing Cow light blue cheese on it.  Now spread a big spoonful of your Buffalo sauce on top of the cheese. 

Add a serving of warm diced chicken and a generous serving of spinach and wrap it up!

So good and good for you.  Low calorie, low fat and low Carb!!!!